Total Workforce Health Management

The perfect healthcare solution for organizations with 50 or more employees

An Integrated Self-Funded Risk Management Strategy

Total Workforce Health Management is a unique integrated solution combining the Direct Primary Care (DPC)-centric Healthy Employee Program (HEP) with strategic partial self-funding to bridge the gap between occupational safety and health protection. This includes health and wellness promotion to better understand, manage and prevent worker injury and illness.

Align’s technology enables a high-tech, high-touch 360 degree single optics approach to Total Worker Health by leveraging key data insights empowering clinical engagement where it matters most. This elite medical management method improves health and safety outcomes reducing the total health spend related to health, wellness and workers’ compensation, while also reducing the frequency and severity of claims impacting insurance premiums.

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Why are small businesses moving to the Align Health programs for their employees?

Leveraging the latest technology to
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Health Survey with Preventative Care

Align’s unique clinical technology identifies possible health concerns through the power of science-based algorithms and proven analytics driving meaningful primary care engagement where it is needed most!

Employees receive their own personalized health management plan created and monitored by their personal Direct Primary Care Physician.


Providing great healthcare has been proven to lead to
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Worker health is a significant driver of both costs and productivity for your company. Align tailors a worker health program, program management plan, and engagement solutions that’s unique to your company.

Our integrated and proprietary worker health portal offers a secure place where your employees and their Direct Primary Care doctor can control their personal health information, establish health goals, track progress and view their own data.

By combining your organization’s data with our powerful predictive analytics technology, we can focus health engagement where it will have the most impact on worker health, productivity and ultimately your bottom line.