Get back to business safely with Align’s turnkey solution


During these unprecedented times, Align offers a unique one-of-a-kind integrated solution to manage and monitor your workforce health. Your employee completes a daily self-assessment following CDC guidelines to determine if further intervention is necessary. If so, the employee is instantly connected to a telemedicine physician who will either clear the employee or refer them for testing. Each step, status and transactions are instantly logged into your COVID Workforce Management Dashboard, providing the ability to effectively manage and mitigate COVID-19.





The online triage evaluator is simple to use. The results determine if an employee needs to have a private consultation with one of our board-certified physicians or if they can safely return to work. Employees will receive safety protocols and special recommendations if they belong to high risk groups.

Simple, precise, and easy to implement.



If required, our board-certified physicians will provide a confidential virtual visit to determine if further action is required.

Always there when you need us most.


COVID-19 Testing Options

All tests are prescribed and directed by a physician via telemedicine.

Advanced medicine. Trusted care.


Workforce Dashboard

Monitor your organization’s health status with our graphical, user-friendly dashboard. Drill down into data to manage compliance.

Meaningful and actionable reporting.


Program Details:

  • CDC-compliant evaluator with temperature screening and secure database
  • Triage telehealth with board-certified physician
  • Certified testing advocacy and navigation
  • Program analytics and reporting portal for Human Resources management



Our COVID Workforce Management System allows you to easily and securely monitor your business’ overall workforce health in a few simple clicks. Your employees’ confidential health information is stored separately from your personnel records as required by federal law.

  • View individual team members current status, transaction history, contact information, add notes, and export
  • View all team members or a specific department
  • Status reports sent straight to your inbox


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