Our Mission is to deliver access to high-quality,
lower-cost healthcare.

Align Health believes that everyone deserves access to excellent care, at the right time, for the best price. Affordable healthcare should be patient-centered through a personalized and meaningful primary care-patient relationship.

Meet Align Health Solutions


The Align Health team is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals access personalized, high-quality, and affordable healthcare that is purposefully designed for pro-active health & wellness, resulting in helping people live their best life!


The US Healthcare System is fragmented, lacks coordination of care, and incentives are misaligned. Increasing healthcare costs have made it unaffordable for businesses to access quality care.


Simple, pro-active Direct Primary Care health programs that connect communities with local providers, specialists, and facilities with a more personalized approach to healthcare, disease management, and overall well-being at direct-pay pricing.

Align Health Leadership Team

The Align Health Leadership Team brings experience with Healthcare Benefit Program Development and Management, HR, Workers’ Compensation, Risk Management including Total Workforce Health Management, Primary Care Practice Management, Population Health Management and Financial Services with some of the largest providers in the healthcare delivery value chain.

Troy Neimann


Co-Founder Clinical & Total Workforce Health Initiatives

“My passion is Total Human Capital Management “bridging the gap” between workforce health, wellness and safety risk integrating data-driven Direct Primary Care initiatives with strategic self-funding.”

Michael Harb


Chief Financial Officer

“Having been an owner and accountant involved in numerous small businesses, I have firsthand knowledge of how difficult it is to attract and retain quality employees if you are not able to offer a healthcare benefits program. Align provides me the opportunity to be part of a team that is solving this problem for Small Businesses.“

Domenica Vandyke


Director Practice Management Support Services

“My frustration with the constraints of your typical primary care practice lead me to Align. I can now help those practices that want to either fully convert to Direct Primary Care or choose to run a hybrid practice.“

Robert A. Dill


Director Voluntary Benefits & Strategic Relations

“After consulting multiple benefit strategies I wanted to join a company whose business model recognized the opportunity to impact the quality and cost of healthcare delivery using a primary care and patient centered engagement model.”

Judy Hamby


Coordinator Clinical Support Services

“My passion is developing meaningful health assessment and predictive care modeling tools and capabilities, delivered through primary care physicians, that create actionable data improving standards of care protocols enabling better outcomes through customized, patient-centered pro-active health and wellness care plans.”


Dino Ramzi


Advisor Direct Primary Care

“I have been looking for a company that truly understands the potential that a Direct Primary Care Centric Business Model has to not only improve the quality of care but also reduce costs throughout the entire healthcare delivery value chain ecosystem. The Align team is incredibly passionate and seriously understands the types of tools and capabilities that are needed to support the DPC community as their patient’s health, wellness and cost containment advocate.“

Jeffrey Gold


Advisor Direct Primary Care

“I am committed to delivering primary care as it was intended–through trust, openness, and investing in the doctor-patient relationship.”