Healthy Family Plan for Individuals & Families

The perfect solution for Individuals & Families in search of affordable, high-quality, personalized healthcare

Healthy Family Plan (HFP) For Individuals and Families

Align’s Healthy Family Program (HFP) is designed for the self-employed, individuals, and families seeking quality, affordable, personalized healthcare. This revolutionary program can reduce a family’s annual out-of-pocket healthcare expenses by as much as 40%. We do this by eliminating the middleman and by working with members and doctors directly. No more co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance, or costly premiums!

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Leveraging the latest technology to
provide high-quality healthcare to our customers

Health Survey with Preventative Care

Align’s unique clinical technology identifies possible health concerns through the power of science-based algorithms and proven analytics driving meaningful primary care engagement where it is needed most!

members receive their own personalized health management plan created and monitored by their personal Direct Primary Care Physician.


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