Healthy Family Plan for Individuals & Families

The perfect solution for Individuals & Families in search of affordable, high-quality, personalized healthcare

Align Healthy Family Plan (HFP ) Benefits

Simple and affordable healthcare solutions that place the needs of members first

Quality Healthcare for Less
No co-pays, no deductibles, and no hidden costs or fees. Discounts on specialists, labs, prescriptions, and imaging

Unlimited Access To Direct Primary Care Provider
Personalized relationship with your primary care provider and easy access to your doctor with same day or next day appointments

Universal Acceptance
We accept everyone regardless
of preexisting conditions

Personalized Health Management Plan
Proactive care with a health survey, biometric screening, and a personalized wellness plan for every member

Patient First Approach
By designing a system that emphasizes a personalized doctor-patient relationship, the providers in our network have more time to focus on you!

Enroll Anytime
There are no limited open-enrollment periods to keep track of. Coverage begins the first day of the month following enrollment

Telehealth/Virtual Care
Remote access to your Direct Primary Care Provider 24/7
via phone, text, or online

Medical Cost-Sharing
Membership-based, non-insurance arrangement for the purpose of sharing healthcare expenses between members an offset major medical events.

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**This product is NOT insurance coverage and does not meet the
minimum creditable coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act.